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NOTE: Upgrade keys are only for use with existing memberships. We are not responsible if you purchase the wrong key.

📌 Information

Stand presents insane protections, crashes, features, and a stylish design. This menu offers unique features: command console, Watch_Dogs hacking, augmented reality, and it even has public/private Lua scripts.

Stand-Basic Features:

The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time.

Rockstar ID Tools

Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)

Unlock All Achievements

And while you’re in Story Mode:

AR Notifications

Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking

Remote Control

Bone ESP

Stand-Standard Features:

Everything from Basic

Session: Thunder Weather

Breakup & Confusion Kicks

Host Kick Karma

Desync Kick Karma

World Editor

Player Magnet

Hide Session

Player Bar

Name ESP

Type Out Player Names

Paste In Chat Message

Sing In Chat

Block Join Karma

Become A Script Host Kleptomaniac

Web Interface

Radio Stations Manager

And not just while in Story Mode:

AR Notifications

Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking

Remote Control

Bone ESP

Stand-Ultimate Features:

Everything from Regular & Basic

Session Browser

Session Scripts Manager

Mugger Loop

Full Session Spoofing

Track Players

Block All Joins

Block Spoofing

Crash Reaction

Chat Spammer

Break Sessions But Join Fast

Kick Host When Joining As Next In Queue

🛒 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • Your license key.
  • Link to download Stand.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 Support.
  • Futures updates included for free.
  • Lifetime access to Stand.

🔑 How do you redeem your license key?

  1. You will receive your license key in your email after purchase.
  2. Download Stand, open GTA, open the menu and click activate, redeem your license key.

⌨ Menu Keybinds

  • Open/Close | F4
  • Navigation | Arrow Keys

❓ Useful links

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Basic, Regular, Ultimate, Basic to Regular Upgrade, Regular to Ultimate Upgrade, Basic to Ultimate Upgrade


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